Open Access

Open Access is an online research output permitting access to all users. All the published articles in the journals provide free availability for readers to use them lawfully as the Articles are the property of individual works. Scientific Exhalters is an open access publisher established recently with genuine peer review process. We aim to provide researchers, professors and students with latest updates in research field in a broad range of areas. Even though we started recently, our Publications has attracted by the scientists from every corner of the world easily in very less time. Our goal is to encourage young thoughts of researchers. We ensure the highest standards of peer-review for all manuscripts submitted for publication, thanks to the highly qualified scientists who are members of our journal's Editorial Board.

Open Access ensures that articles are free of charge at the point of usage and open access journals charged on authors as production and publication cost through Article Processing charge (APC) . This fee is usually applied at the time; an article is accepted for publication often covered by authors institution or by research funder rather than by the author themselves. Scientific Exhalters also supports the Scientists and Researchers from low income countries to share their innovative things through this platform by maintaining high quality.