SEJ Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine

SEJ Pharmacognosy and Natural Medicine an open access international medical journal is on its wits which aim to publish rapid publication of standard articles in the field of cognosy. Pharmacognosy is an oldest branch of pharmacy which gives a detailed study of medicines and crude drugs with chemical, biological and biochemical properties of a drug from natural sources and is considered as one of the promising pathway to exhume future medicines. The Journal provides unrestricted universal access to information and gives exposure to the world class technologies by mainly concentrating on latest achievements and developments in the field of pharmacognostic methods, techniques and processes for potential drugs from natural source. The main aspiration of the Journal is to create a global platform to dispense their research work as well as to update the readers knowledge. Contributions are not restricted to Research works; the Journal of Pharmacognosy also welcomes Mini Reviews, Short Communication, Letter to Editor and Case Reports for documenting and to magnify the knowledge of individuals.

This covers a wide range of multidimensional challenges of research and provides platform for motivating the personnels in the area of Pharmacognosy. The primary criteria for acceptance and publication are scientific rigor and potential to advance the field. Online submission of the manuscript is strongly recommended for our journal.